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Caregiver Coaching & Consulting from the convenience of your home

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I help you, the caregiver, practice better self-care.  We explore your own physical, emotional, social,and spiritual needs while I empower you to implement positive changes.  These changes result in a healthier, more rewarding, and less stressful caregiving experience for you and the people you care for.  Phone coaching & consulting has a powerful impact on your caregiving experience.

Creative Caregiving Concepts

Caregiver coaching provides a safe, nonjudgemental, and nurturing environment for you to navigate the challenges of caregiving,  while retaining a sense of who YOU are and what YOU need.  Caregivers receive validation and motivation.  Coaching explores positive ways to improve your overall caregiving experience.  You matter too!  YOU are worth it!  Taking better care of yourself allows you to be the best caregiver possible.

Creative Caregiving Concepts

Caregiver Coaching & Consulting limits the negative effects of common caregiving problems such as:

  • depression, anxiety,
  • excess feeling of guilt, anger, worry, and/or sadness,
  • personal health and wellness related concerns,
  • relationship issues,
  • stress,
  • time management,
  • dealing with care related decisions
  •  lack of support and/or resources,
  • boundaries and balance,
  • behavioral issues, and
  • constant change and loss  

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Are You Ready ???


new to family caregiving - new caregivers help

Let’s look at what caregiving means to you as you discover ways to be better prepared for what’s to come. Together we can examine your beliefs about caregiving, while we sort through the myriad of new emotions and questions that arise.

Are you concerned about remaining in control of your own life? Are you motivated to implement good practices and develop self-care strategies?

Are you determined to do your best to stay ahead of things?

I will support you as you move through this stage of discovery, exploration, planning, and challenges.

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PHASE 2 – Caregiving and giving and giving and giving…

caregiving support and balance

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” (Lena Horne)

You are in the thick of things and there are many ways we can work together, making sure you don’t get lost in the fog. I offer support and comfort, while really listening to you as we explore ways to meet your greatest needs.

Which of these areas are you motivated to work on?

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PHASE 3 – LETTING GO: Being present for good—bye.

caregiver loss, grief and loss

“In every heart there is an inner room, where we can hold our greatest treasures and our deepest pain.” (Marianne Williamson)

As you near the final portion of your caregiving role, it is so necessary to slow down all the ‘doing’ and learn to just ‘BE’. Being fully present and genuinely connected with your loved-one is a gift. I believe this is a sacred time and a time to be treasured. Together we will heart-storm ways to make this time all it can possibly be with sensitivity and compassion.

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life after loss  starting over

“If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.” (Shane Koyczan)

Transitioning after your role as a caregiver is often both a difficult and hopeful time.

Are you ready to explore new options or are you motivated to rediscover your self?

Your experiences with life, and loss, as a caregiver  transformed you, so let’s integrate your experiences with powerful tools for becoming your best, most resilient, and authentic self while creating a life full of purpose and potential again. Find out what is possible as I support you in moving forward, finding new perspective, and living your full life.

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