For family caregivers, holidays can be HARD!

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Holidays can be an especially hard time of year for family caregivers.                  

I hope this post doesn’t seem too negative.  So many people crossed my path this year who were struggling through the holidays that I wanted to give them some recognition.  

I  have this love/hate relationship with the holidays…

and absolutely love being with my family and friends, keeping holiday traditions (like baking day) and seeing the grins on my grandchildren’s little faces. However, I hate the commercialism and stress and need to please everyone. Forced smiles and feelings of inadequacy abound during the holidays. Parents spend beyond their means because giving that perfect gift has become a symbol of love.  That makes me sad.

For many family caregivers, the holidays are a REAL mixed bag.

They can be a time of blessing and connecting, and giving, but they can also be a time of sorrow and disappointment and added pressure. They are a time of remembering – and wishing – and loss. There is this expectation of joy and cheer that often leaves them asking, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I feel it?”

The ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future can be especially haunting and daunting for family caregivers. Feeling exhausted, sad, guilty, and  hopeless are all understandable emotions. So, if you can relate, and are glad to see Santa head back to the North Pole, taking the trees and lights and shopping frenzy with him, please know that I understand.

My New Year’s wish for you is PEACE, REST, COMFORT, RESILIENCE and true inner JOY.

If you have found ways to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas while caregiving, please email them to me at Let me know if I can share them. I will put them together and share them before next year’s holiday season rolls around.  

Creative Caregiving concepts

But for those family caregivers who find the holidays a struggle and for those who have experienced loss and feel something is “missing” this time of year, I hear you!  

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