Love Never Fails

Valentine’s Day: Cupid and candy and hearts and flowers – and caregiving.  When you are providing long-term care for someone you love, February 14th can be full of so much emotion. 

While there may no longer be fancy romantic dinners, bouquets of flowers, or boxes of chocolates, there are still those special moments.  Moments of seeing into someone’s soul and knowing – just knowing.  Moments of tenderness.   Moments of holding a hand, touching a cheek, or stroking their hair.  If you are caring for someone you love then you know what I mean and you know just how precious those moments are.  

Valentine’s Day isn’t really about romance.  Its about letting someone know that you care.  To me, its a time to celebrate kindness and human connection and love.  Its not about the greeting card industry, but about greeting others with words of kindness and love.  Its not about giving flowers but about giving a smile or a hug.  

I think family caregivers really express the heart of Valentine’s Day every day.  Thank you for all the things you do for those you love, and all the ways you do them, and all the heartfelt effort you put into caring.  You are amazing.  You are sweeter than any chocolate, more beautiful than any flower, and more valuable than diamonds.  You are a caregiver.  You are the perfect Valentine.  

(The gift in the photo was created by a man while at a Senior Care Center and given to his sweetheart as a gift – the best one she says she has ever received)