About Peggy Johnson

Hello, I am Peggy Johnson. I have a BA in Counseling, am a Certified Life Coach, and Caregivers’ Consultant

about Peggy Johnson caregivers life coach consultantI believe we all deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.  I don’t know how YOU feel and I have not walked in YOUR shoes because I have only walked in MINE.   My care-giving story, coping strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, are uniquely mine.  My fears and regrets,  my victories and personal growth are also uniquely mine – as yours are uniquely yours.

I try to follow the PLATINUM RULE: “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them, not as you would have them do unto you.”

This means really listening to others and not assuming that anyone else feels the way I do or wants to be treated the way I want to be treated and taking the time to hear their hearts.

My top 12 values are:

  1.  Authenticity/ genuineness (to be true to who I who I am)
  2.  Connecting with others in loving, respectful, & meaningful ways
  3.  Hope (maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook)
  4.  Purpose (to have meaning and purpose in my life)
  5.  Compassion
  6.  Honesty
  7.  Personal growth (to keep changing and growing)
  8.  Self-knowledge ( to have a deep and honest understanding of myself)
  9.  Creativity (new and original ideas)
  10.  Passion (to have deep feelings about ideas, activities, and/or people
  11.  Fun (play and laugh and enjoy life)
  12.  Thankfulness

The Top 12 things I love are:

family caregiver supportcaregiving family support

  1.  My family (my husband Tom, our children and 10 grandchildren)
  2.  My extended family (too large and amazing to count)Peggy Johnson family caregiver support
  3.  Photography (all the photos on the website are mine)
  4.  Gardening (especially growing flowers with my grandkids)
  5.  The Colorado mountains
  6.  Restoring or refinishing things
  7.  Writing
  8.  Playing (especially with kids)
  9.  Spending time with close friends
  10.  Designing or creating things (a business, a house, a book, anything)
  11.  My three little dogs
  12.  Encouraging others and being encouraged

My professional experience and education:

I have been working for almost 40 years and in that time done a variety of things and I can honestly say I have loved them all.  I have worked with Hospice, and trained caregivers in Alzheimers care and been a massage therapist for hospice, dementia, and trauma clients as well as caregivers.  In the past, I worked as a victims’ advocate and provided on-scene crisis intervention services.   I have been a trainer, a manager, a business owner, and a volunteer.

I have a BA in Counseling/Psychology and I am a certified Life Coach and Caregivers’ consultant. As well as being a certified non-medical Alzheimers caregiver, I am a licensed massage therapist, certified in Trauma Touch Therapy.  Throughout the years I have attended numerous certification programs on crisis intervention, victim services, and human services.