Pricing & Package Options:

YOUR FIRST SESSION IS ALWAYS FREE.  If you find it beneficial, we offer the following packages.  

(Professional Caregivers please scroll through to the end of this page to our Coaching for Career Caregivers option)

Sounding Board Sessions: 4 short phone sessions for family caregivers, to be purchased in advance and used as you need them. Schedule a call if you need someone to discuss a specific problem or idea with. Perhaps you need a good listener to share difficult emotions with. Schedule a call for a fresh perspective, objective feedback, or just to vent. This time is yours, to use however you want and is available in packages of four calls of up to 20 minutes each. It is not on-going coaching.  It is consultation.  Calls may be scheduled Monday through Friday 8:00am to 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.  This package is limited to phone sessions and does not include email follow-up or support between calls.  It is a good way to deal with individual issues that come up.

$80 for 4 Sounding Board Sessions

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I Care Connection:  This package provides on-going coaching and consulting for family caregivers who are motivated to implement positive changes and would like an accountability partner.  It includes four phone session (averaging 45 minutes to an hour) and email check-in each month.   An initial caregiver needs assessment will be completed by phone and/or email (free exploratory session.)  This package is basic coaching for caregivers at any stage of caregiving and helps lower the negative effects of caregiving, while focusing on positive practices and providing a listening partner who cares.

$325 per month

$295 per month for 3 month commitment


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Optimal Caregiving Catalyst: This is our premium care and coaching package.  It includes 1  phone session per week  (averaging an our) with emergency phone check-in available in-between sessions if needed. It also includes unlimited email check-in.  This package includes Take-Away materials.  This coaching & consulting package works well within the first and/or second phases of caregiving. At the end of 3 months you come away with a binder and materials that they can add on-to and refer back-to.

$425 per month

$400 per month with 3 month commitment.

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Letting Go with Grace: This package is designed to make the final phase of family caregiving as meaningful as possible.  It includes 1  phone session per week.  Emergency phone check-in is available in-between sessions as well as unlimited email check-in.  At the beginning of this service, you will be sent a binder with an area for journaling.  It includes ideas for honoring and remembering this sacred time together.

$325 per month on a
month to month basis as needed.

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What’s Next: This package is designed to help family caregivers move on after caregiving ends.  We will work together to discover your next chapter, while honoring where you have been and all you have done.  This package includes 1  phone session per week.  Emergency phone checkin is available in-between sessions as well as unlimited email check-in.  During a 3 month process you can design your individual Personal Passion and Purpose Portfolio to add onto and refer back to as you move forward with your life.

$425 per month

$400 for a minimum 3 month commitment.

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Group Coaching: (groups for after-loss and family caregivers) (four to six  people per group) one hour per week for 6 weeks, with email in-between.

$195 for 6-week group.

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Coaching for Career Caregivers:  Life Coaching for those who dedicate their professional lives to caring for others and would like support and/or accountability.  Coaching provides assistance in minimizing stress, avoiding burn-out, finding better life-balance, maintaining healthy boundaries, setting and keeping goals, dealing with cumulative loss, and moving forward in life with greater integrity, resilience, and joy.  This package includes one weekly phone coaching session (averaging 45 minutes to an hour), email, and the use of assessment tools when appropriate.  

$395 per month

$350 per month with 3 month commitment.

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*Financial assistance may be available. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

10% of all income from coaching will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Association.