The Secret To Super-Hero Success

Can You relate?

Do you ever feel like you are expected to be a smiling super-hero but you feel like a little kid in nothing but your underwear, being held together by painters’ tape? Do you feel like you are expected to soar – but your cape is really just a thin, disposable piece of plastic?

Well, turn your back on all those perceptions and refuse to wear expectations (yours or anyone else’s) that cause you to lose sight of who YOU really are.

If you are a family caregiver, I do believe you are a super-hero. But I also believe you are human – and often tired – and overwhelmed.
I believe YOU MATTER!
Please take off the cape once in a while and just be YOU. Sometimes the most heroic thing we can do is say “NO” or ask for help. Take care of yourself: It will renew your super-Powers.